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Beanie - is an Asynchronous Python object-document mapper (ODM) for MongoDB, based on Motor and Pydantic.

When using Beanie each database collection has a corresponding Document that is used to interact with that collection. In addition to retrieving data, Beanie allows you to add, update, or delete documents from the collection as well.

Beanie saves you time by removing boiler-plate code and it helps you focus on the parts of your app that actually matter.

Data and schema migrations are supported by Beanie out of the box.

Documentation overview

  • Getting started - Walks you through setup and gives a minimal example.
  • Tutorial - Start learning more about beanie.
  • API Documentation - Auto generated documentation of all functions and classes.
  • Development - Guide for developers that want to add to Beanie.

Example Projects

  • FastAPI Demo - Beanie and FastAPI collaboration demonstration. CRUD and Aggregation.
  • Indexes Demo - Regular and Geo Indexes usage example wrapped to a microservice.



  • GitHub - GitHub page of the project
  • Changelog - list of all the valuable changes
  • Discord - ask your questions, share ideas or just say Hello!!

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