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Beanie uses Motor as an async database engine. To init previously created documents, you should provide a Motor database instance and list of your document models to the init_beanie(...) function, as it is shown in the example:

from beanie import init_beanie, Document
import motor.motor_asyncio

class Sample(Document):
    name: str

async def init():
    # Crete Motor client
    client = motor.motor_asyncio.AsyncIOMotorClient(

    # Init beanie with the Product document class and a database
    await init_beanie(database=client.db_name, document_models=[Sample])

This creates the collection (if needed) and sets up any indexes that are defined.

init_beanie supports not only list of classes for the document_models parameter, but also strings with the dot separated paths:

await init_beanie(


init_beanie supports a parameter allow_index_dropping this will drop indexes from your collection(s). allow_index_dropping is default set to False if you set this to True your indexes will get dropped, ensure that you are not managing your indexes in another manner, if you are these will be deleted when setting allow_index_dropping = True